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About The Project

Technologies enable unprecedented democratization of cultural practices, and the production and use of Intellectual Property. An effective system of sustainable norms for digital copyright is needed but this is challenging to create. Copyright law is complex and there are gaps in knowledge and awareness. By bringing together researchers, libraries, copyright experts, policymakers and other stakeholders, reCreating Europe will clarify what is needed for a regulatory framework which supports culturally-diverse production, inclusive access and consumption.


The reCreating Europe consortium is multidisciplinary, diverse and gender-balanced, with 10 partners located in eight European countries. The universities, research centers and associations working on ReCreating Europe are all leading experts in their sectors, supported by strong research networks, and featuring a long and successful track record in policy-oriented studies and stakeholders’ engagement. Their knowledge extends across many fields, including intellectual property, information law, economics, management, sociology of innovation, communication and media studies, computer science, geography, history, and policy studies.

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