Reports and studies

Activities & Resources

Papers discussing and analyzing the results of reCreating Europe’s research activities:

Priora, Giulia, & Sganga, Caterina. (2020). D2.1 Interim report on EU and national sources and private practices on legitimate uses and flexibilities. Zenodo.

Ferri, Delia; Higgins, NoelleSerra, M. LauraDonnellan, Katie. (2021). D2.2 Interim report on barriers experienced by vulnerable groups. Zenodo.

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Pastak, IngmarKõuts-Klemm, RagneEenmaa, HelenKindsiko, Eneli. (2021). D4.8 Interim report on entrepreneurship patterns of creative industries in gentrifying urban neighbourhoods arising from empirical data gathered. Zenodo

Meletti, Bartolomeovan Gompel, Stef. (2021). D4.10 Issue reports on how copyright exceptions and other permitted uses that are relevant for documentary filmmakers and immersive digital heritage practitioners are understood in the Netherlands and the UK. Zenodo

Meletti, Bartolomeo. (2021). D4.12 Interim report on the information architecture of the Copyright User EU site. Zenodo

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Priora, G; Sganga, C (2021). D5.2 Report on the existing legal framework for Libraries and Archives (LA) industries in EU. Zenodo.

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Ferri, Delia; Higgins, Noelle; Donnellan, Katie; Serra, M. Laura (2022) Report on barriers experienced by vulnerable groups. Zenodo 

Rossello, Giulia; Martinelli, Arianna; Ferri, Delia; Donnellan, Katie (2022) Final report on case studies. Zenodo