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University of Szeged

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Szeged is an almost 100-years-old law school with rich traditions and modern thinking. The School’s programs are offered for both Hungarian and international students. Our programs include under-graduate trainings in Hungarian language, master and LLM programs in Hungarian, English, German and French languages. Dedicated programs are offered for the students of our partner universities from Africa and China. The Faculty includes internationally known scholars as well as practicing lawyers, including national and international judges. The educational methods and the offered courses fully conform to the requirements of a dynamically changing world. As a reaction to international trends, the School builds on digitisation, the rapid changes in technology and demography. The School also specialises in complex interdisciplinary issues such as artificial intelligence or blockchain technology.



István Harkai

is a graduated lawyer and a fulltime member of the Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Theory as an assistant lecturer. He is a Ph.D. candidate, he wrote his dissertation in the field of international and European copyright law with special regard to the overlap between the right of reproduction and communication to the public and the legal status of intermediaries. He published 30 scientific articles and book chapters in Hungarian and in English. His main research interest covers the questions of copyright and related rights in the age of Internet and digitisation, the legal status of intermediaries, the models of digital content dissemination. He published scientific articles not only in the field of copyright but in the field of International Relations and International Public Law with special regard to the legal status of maritime piracy, peacekeeping missions in Africa. As an assistant lecturer he delivers lectures in the field of Comparative Entertainment Law, European and International Copyright Law, Comparative Law, Introduction to Hungarian Civil Law. Beside his research and teaching activity he is the coordinator of two postgraduate program hosted by the Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Theory.


Péter Mezei

is a full-time faculty member of the Szeged Law School. He was awarded an honorary adjunct professorship (dosentti) at the Faculty of Law, University of Turku (Finland) in December 2014. He is a part-time faculty member of the College of Law, University of Toledo (United States), and a visiting professor of the Université Jean Moulin Lyon III (France) and the Bocconi University (Italy). He coordinates the joint intellectual property program of the University of Dresden and University of Szeged on the Szeged side. He graduated as a lawyer in 2004 and as a legal translator in 2005 at the University of Szeged. He earned his PhD degree in Szeged in 2010. The Szeged Law School honoured him with the Pro Scientia Price for the Best Published Dissertation of 2010-2012 in June 2012. He is fluent in Hungarian, English and German.

He is the author/editor of 14 books and author of 118 articles/book chapters/reviews. He prepared the national report for the 18th International Congress of Comparative Law (2010) on the limitations and exceptions in Hungarian copyright law; and the national report for the 19th International Congress of Comparative Law (2014) on license contracts, free software and Creative Commons (co-authored by Anikó Grad-Gyenge). He has been participating in research projects run by the Hungarian Copyright Forum Association, the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, De Wolf & Partners Law Firm (Belgium), KEA European Affairs and the Research Center in Information, Law and Society, University of Namur (Belgium), Public Policy and Management Institute (Latvia), Center for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (United Kingdom). He is an elected member of the Hungarian Copyright Expert Board. He is running a Hungarian language blog about the challenges of internet and copyright law, elected the 10th best “expertise blog” on the Goldenblog contest of 2012 and the 10th best “business blog” on the Goldenblog contest of 2014.

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