This part of the project is critically examining, explaining, measuring and evaluating the impact on digital access to culture and the creation of cultural value of (existing and proposed) legal rules and practices regarding content moderation and removal in user-generated content (UGC) platforms. It will provide:

  • A comparative EU and cross-national mapping of regulatory sources and policy measures in the field of copyright content moderation and removal in large-scale UGC platforms in the DSM.
  • A comparative EU and cross-national assessment of how legal rules and contractual terms on the moderation and removal of copyright content on large-scale UGC platforms affect digital access to culture and the creation of cultural value.
  • A measurement of the impact of copyright content moderation practices and technologies of UGC platforms on access and diversity.
  • Policy recommendations and best practices for EU policymakers and large-scale UGC platforms that are meant to (a) influence policy makers when amending copyright laws and (b) platforms when devising internal policies, guidelines and designing/adopting AI systems for copyright content moderation and removal, so that new rules, policies, guidelines and systems foster broader and more diverse access to culture, and facilitate cultural creation.

The Milestone M1 has now been published on Zenodo: MS1 Workshop 1 – Mapping Legal Framework – Methodology and Design


Quintais, J.P.; Mezei, P; Harkai, I; Magalhães, J.C; Katzenbach, C; Schwemer, S.F; Riis, T (2021). D6.1 Interim report on mapping of EU legal framework and intermediaries’ practices on copyright content moderation and removal. Zenodo.

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