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reCreating Europe is producing materials and resources for the following stakeholder groups:

  • End users – the general public, associations of consumers, specific categories of underrepresented users (people with disabilities, minorities, etc.) and related associations, academics. Learn more.
  • Individual authors and performers – associations and CMOs of authors and performers in different sectors (mostly organized by discipline, i.e. writers, journalists, actors, directors, photographers etc.), independent non-associated authors and performers. Learn more.
  • Creative industries – general public, associations and creators in audio-visual industries. Learn more.
  • GLAM – Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums. Learn more.
  • Intermediaries – social media services and online platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo). Learn more.

As the project progresses, resources for each of these stakeholder groups will be made available on this page.

Work Packages

The work of reCreating Europe is done through seven work packages (WPs).

Two WPs involve all partners: WP1 (management) and WP7 (dissemination, engagement and outreach). the other five are stakeholder based. By carrying out specific tasks, they are providing technical and scientific input to WP7, which aims to maximize the expected impacts of the project through proactive engagement and dissemination.

WP1 – Management and Coordination
WP1 takes care of the project management and administrative and scientific coordination, and is also in charge of the implementation of the Data Management Plan, as part of the Open Research Data Pilot. The WP covers all data protection, IP and ethical issues, and provides adequate management processes to deal with their assessment and resolution when necessary.

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WP2 – End users and access to culture
WP2 analyzes the problem of end users’ access to culture and consumption of cultural and creative goods in the Digital Single Market, providing a fresh look at their interplay with regulatory efforts in the area of copyright and broader cultural policies by combining law and economic research.

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WP3 – Authors and performers
WP3 analyzes opportunities and challenges raised by digitisation, the Internet and more recently AI for authors and performers - both professionals and amateurs.

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WP4 – Creative industries
The Creative Industries work package offers a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary program of work seeking to support the development of creative industries and to enhance access to copyright information.

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WP5 focuses on Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM).

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WP6 - Intermediaries
This WP will carry out interdisciplinary research to critically examine, explain, measure and evaluate the impact on digital access to culture and the creation of cultural value of (existing and proposed) legal rules and practices regarding content moderation and removal in user-generated content (UGC) platforms.

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WP7 – Dissemination, Engagement and Outreach
This WP aims to expand the project network, engage in the discussion the highest amount of stakeholders and disseminate to the largest extent possible reCreating Europe’s outcomes and activities.

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