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WP7 – Dissemination, Engagement and Outreach

This WP aims to expand the project network, engage in the discussion the highest amount of stakeholders and disseminate to the largest extent possible reCreating Europe’s outcomes and activities. It will be connected both internally, supporting all WPs, and externally with the key target stakeholders (End users, Creative industries, GLAM, Intermediaries). Its goals are to (i) produce a sound KPI-driven engagement strategy for the involvement of the stakeholders that are relevant for the project – starting with, but not limited to the key stakeholder categories, complemented by the development of a training toolkit; (ii) disseminate the project’s goals, activities, training materials, guidelines, results, best practices and policy recommendations to relevant stakeholders and the broader public, having as main entry point fr interaction the project website and its stakeholders’ platform, and striving to ensure the broadest possible audience and increase the impact of the project; (iii) have the project’s policy recommendations, produced by vertical WPs, adopted by target stakeholder groups


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